BOPP Bags (Cellophane Alternative)

BOPP bags

The material used is 30um BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) which means when the film is made it is machine stretched in both directions. It is high in clarity, giving crisp clear packaging. Which makes  for excellent product display.

Block Bottom (cellophane alternative)

The unperforated Block Bottom bags (cellophane alternative) are clearer and crisper looking than cellophane.
Clear, anti-fog,double fold Peel and Seal bag with 2 sided gold baseboard, with a generous 100mm side gusset for easy filling.
The block bottom ensures the bag is stable for display at point of sale.
Tape reseal 45mm from top and fold creases at 20mm and 40mm.

BB109-113 BOPP block bottom bags

These bags are available in 5 sizes.
Qty 250 bags per carton.
$25.00 – $42.00



BOPP Reseal Bags

BOPP Reseal Bag clear 30um BOPP Bags with 40mm lip and reseal. This bag is available in 3 sizes for your chocolates, lollies, biscuits and similar products. The crystal clear BOPP makes for great display of your product.

These bags are available in 3sizes.
Qty 500 bags per carton.
$13.20 – $15.60

Perforated BOPP Bags

We stock a range of Perforated BOPP Bags which are high clarity with perforations.
The breathable perforated bags are great for the bread rolls/loaves which  are crusty.
These bags all have a 60mm bottom gusset, with dot sealed sides making for stronger double side seal.
The opening has a 20mm lip, these bags are designed for efficiency and durability.


The Perforated bags are available in 6 sizes.
Qty 500 bags per carton.
$25.20 – $48.30




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