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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello, i would like a quote for flat/box bottom stand up bags with a resealable zip. Bags are for weight 250g but to not be a tall bag. I want the bag wide and short, matt white as the base but with full colour printing. Can you please advise the cost for 5,000 units and 10,000 units as well as lead times. These are for a wet food product. Thanks.

  2. Hi Heidi

    If you are able to send us the dimensions of the bag you need we can tell you the best fit we have available.
    250grams is not a size as it depends on the content, 250grams of Smiths Crisps is a lot different in bag volume to 250grams of rice, if you see my point !!

    Or tell us the product you are packing and the shelf life requirement and we can make an estimate for you as to the type of packaging product you need.

    You mention the product is “WETFOOD” and you want to put it into a Box Bottom Bag. ” WetFood:” in Box bottom bags MUST BE MADE using Vacuum Bag packaging technology because of the possibility of leaking even 3 months after filling , hence the flexible packaging required is substantial..

    Also , full colour print (6 to 8 colours) on a medium size multilayer laminate pouch(vacuum pouch) will be 50,000 to 70,000 pouches depending on the size ..

    Another option is to take some of our stock pouches and do your own trial to see if they are acceptable for your application as wet fill pouches can be anything from ready to use soup thru to ready to use steak with a little dressing. So as you can see information is what we need to be able to help you.

    We carry stock Box bottom pouches with zip reclose in Matt white our gram size is based on coffee beans maybe our smaller pouch may be the size you require. We can send a sample for you to try.



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