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Have a browse around our shop and you will find we carry a wide range of food grade packaging options. Some of the products we stock are Paper Window Bags, Kraft Paper Carry Bags, Coffee bags and Pouches, just to name a few.

As we are a food packaging supplies specialist, our packaging is designed with durability, functionality and presentation of your product. Your brand can be displayed clearly without impeding your product display.

We understand that your business is unique and that your products are a representation of your business. Which is why we focus on custom made packaging tailored to your needs.
If you can’t find what you are looking for in our store do not hesitate to contact us.


  • BakeIn Tray

    Sale! $11.50$37.50
    The BakeIn tray is made of Natural Poplar wood with a silicon paper insert. This tray is ideal for cake and loaf cooking. Suitable for convection and fan forced ovens up to 200°c
  • Black Cupcake Box

    Black Cupcake Box comes matt coated on the inside, with gloss black on the exterior. The interior is coated matt black for food grade contact.
  • Black Greaseproof Sheets

    Sale! $57.75 $28.90
    The Black Greaseproof can be used in varied conditions extending from refrigerated conditions to oven temperatures up to 150°c, which makes the paper high in versatility as well as appeal.
  • Block Bottom Bags

    Block Bottom bags come with and without centre window. The bags are manufactured with P.E. coated paper to ensure the paper remains oil spot free.
  • BOPP Block Bottom Bags

    BOPP Block Bottom bags (cellophane alternative) are clearer and crisper looking than cellophane. Clear, anti-fog,double fold Peel and Seal bag with 2 sided gold baseboard, with a generous 100mm side gusset for easy filling.
  • BOPP Reseal Bag

    500 bags per box The crystal clear BOPP with Reseal tab bag will enhance your product display. This bag is available in 3 sizes.  
  • Bottom Fill Clear High Barrier Pouch

    Bottom fill clear high barrier pouch has a reclose zipper 40mm from the top. Tear notch 25mm from top with 7mm side seals. Bottom fill flat pouch made from material that will prolong shelf life. Available in 8 sizes.
  • Clear Gusset Box Bottom Bag

    The Clear Gusset Box Bottom Bag is a high quality packaging product. Bags are available in 200g and 450g sizes, Matt Black or Kraft paper colour exteriors. Quantities 250 bags per carton, unless otherwise stated.
  • Clear Stand Up Pouch

    The Clear Stand Up Pouch gives a robust and secure package for your product when heat sealed with ziplock closure and tear notches.
  • Coffee Pouches

    Sale! $22.40$98.00
    Our Coffee pouches are made of strong laminate foil with generous side gusset for easy filling and heat sealable. The bags are available in 1kg, 500g and 250g sizes. All three sizes are available in Black, Gold and Silver
  • CPP Crimp Seal Bag

    Sale! $5.00$60.00
    CPP Crimp Seal Bags (cellophane alternative) 230mm L x 100mm W + 60mm side gusset. Suitable for chocolates, lollies, small biscuits, protein balls and other similar products. The structure of these bags will increase the shelf life of your product.
  • Dark Brown Kraft Tray

    The Dark Brown Kraft Tray is one side printed Kraft 340gsm cardboard. The tray comes as a set which includes a BOPP bag so your product can be sealed and while keeping high visibility. The packaging set will give your product a premium look for point of sale.
  • Die Cut Window Bags

  • Greaseproof Paper Sheets

    Sale! $8.25 $6.00
    Greaseproof Paper Sheets high strength 32gsm sheets. We have two sizes available 330mm L x 200mm W and 400mm L x 330mm W.
  • Kraft Carry Bag

    Sale! $3.00$32.00
    Our Kraft Carry Bag range are made strong and sturdy kraft paper. Small - 210mm L x 180mm W +90mm Gusset Medium - 280mm L x 280mm W +150mm Gusset Large - 340mm L x 315mm W +150mm Gusset
  • Lunch Wrap Paper Sheets

    Sale! $11.00$54.45
    30gsm paper sheets 1 side PE coated 500 sheets per pack 3000 sheets per carton