Foil Pouches

Foil Pouches

The Foil Pouches we stock are Coffee pouch with side gusset which are suitable for heat sealing and Stand Up Pouch which have one foil face and a clear LLDPE material making up the second face. All of our foil pouches are available Black, Gold, Silver, 250g, 500g, 1kg and packed 250 bags per carton.

Coffee Pouch

Our Coffee pouch with side gusset is made of strong laminate foil with generous side gusset for easy filling. These pouches are suitable for various products: Coffee, grains, nuts, muesli, granola etc. We stock Coffee pouches with and without one way gas release valve. The valve prolongs coffee shelf life and freshness. Prominent brand labelling can be placed on either face of the bag.

250g Coffee Pouch

foil pouches






Product code: CS902755
$28.00 250 pouches
$58.00 with valve 250 pouches

500g Coffee Pouch

500g coffee






Product code: CS903305
$34.00 250 pouches
$64.00 with valve 250 pouches

1kg Coffee Pouch

1kg coffee gusset






Product code: CS1404305
$68.00 250 pouches
$98.00 with valve 250 pouches

Stand Up Pouch

Our Stand Up Bags/Pouch is a robust packaging choice. The zipper closure allows for easy reclosure after initial opening. Bottom Gusset enables product stability when on display. Clear front with foil back enhances product display and enables clear brand labelling. These bags a suitable for various products grains, nuts, muesli, granola etc.

100g Stand Up Pouch

foil bags
Product code: SU120200B
$33.00 250 pouches

250g Stand Up Pouch

sup 250g
Product code: SU160230S
$44.50 250 pouches

500g Stand Up Pouch

Product code: SU190265S
$61.00 250 pouches

1kg Stand Up Pouch

1kg sup
Product code: SU240335S
$91.00 250 pouches


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