Speciality Products

Speciality Products

Our speciality products are innovative and durable. We strive to design and manufacture food grade packaging that is on trend with the current market. Our products will enhance the product visually and in practicality.

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CPP Crimp Seal Bag

250 bags @ $10.00
2500 bags @ $65.00
CPP Crimp Seal Bags (cellophane alternative). The clarity of the bag ensures great display of the contents.

speciality bottom-seal-pouches

Bottom Fill Clear High Barrier Pouch

Price range $44.30 – $78.00 per 1000 pouches
SLClear is $112.50 per 1700 pouches
Bottom fill clear high barrier pouch has a reclose zipper 40mm from the top. Tear notch 25mm from top with 7mm side seals. Bottom fill flat pouch made from material that will prolong shelf life.  Details…


Chicken Bucket + Lid

$20 per 100 sets.
The Chicken Bucket + Lid holds 1.5kg of hot cooked chicken pieces. Details…

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