Stone HDPE Bag

Stone HDPE Bag

The Stone HDPE bag is a plastic product blended with stone products to ensure its end of use degradation process is accelerated back to stone dust. Making this product completely recyclable. 

Stone HDPE paper is not only an alternative, but the BEST product that has the lowest impact on our green planet.

Unlike like regular HDPE bags the American Stone products breakdown to dust after exposer to sunlight and soil. The timing of that breakdown can be controlled by the initial formulation of the plastic.

These video’s and pictures show a simple test you can do yourself to verify the break down of the product.

Stone HDPE bag

The Stone HDPE bag is on the left
a normal HDPE bag on the right.

This image shows the result of the burning test.


Introduction video

Demonstrates the residue after the Stone HDPE bag burns

Demonstrates the residue of the normal HDPE bag burns


For more information  or 9625 2747

American Stone Products for more information about this amazing product.