Food Grade Paper Bag Range

The Food Grade Paper Bags we stock are Window Bags, Die Cut Window Bags, Block Bottom Bags and Kraft Carry Bags. If you would like bags personalised for your brand, then do not hesitate to contact us as we are only too happy to help with design, artwork and manufacture.


Clear Bag Range

The material used is 30um BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene), when the film is made it is machine stretched in both directions. BOPP is high in clarity, giving crisp clear packaging making  for excellent product display. We stock BOPP Block Bottom Bags, BOPP Reseal Bags and Perforated BOPP Bags.


Stock Pouches

Our Stock Pouches consist of Matt Box Bottom Pouch + zip, Clear Gusset Box Bottom with Zip closure, Box Bottom with Tag Zip closure, Clear/Matte Stand Up Pouch + zip, High Barrier Clear/Matte Stand Up Pouch + Zip, Stand Up Foil Pouch + zip and Coffee Pouch.  Our Stock Pouches will give your brand a premium look.

SALE  SALE  SALE 50% off Coffee Pouches, Tag Zip Box Bottom Pouches and Clear Gusset Box Bottom Pouches


Bakery Products

The Bakery products we stock are of high quality and functionality.
We stock Cupcake Box + lid sets, Small Tart Boxes, Food Carry boxes and Mirco Perforated PET Reheat Bags.


Speciality Products

Our speciality products are innovative and durable. We stock PET Reusable Wine Glasses and LDPE bags. We strive to design and manufacture food grade packaging that is on trend with the current market. Our products will enhance the product visually and packaging practicality.


Food Grade Packaging Specialists

At Packaging Traders we pride ourselves in being a customer orientated, Sydney based company. With the focus on sourcing packaging products of the highest quality to ensure total customer satisfaction in their requirements.
As a food grade packaging supplies specialist we carry a wide range of food grade packaging options, including
Paper Window Bags & BOPP Bags(Cellophane alternative) which are ideal for bread and baked products.
Block Bottom Bags, Box Bottom Bags, Coffee Bags, Stand Up Zipper Pouches both foil and HDPE, Matt Box Bottom Zipper Pouch which are designed for use as nut, grain, granola and coffee bags. Included in our stock range are Cupcake Box sets,Small Tart Boxes, Micro Perforated Reheat Bags, Bottom Fill High Barrier Bags, LDPE Bags,  Greaseproof Paper sheets and Lunch Wrap Paper sheets.

We offer high quality Rewind & Laminated films ranging from single layer films to multi layer laminated film. Manufactured to suit customers individual designs in a wide range of food industries.

We understand that your business is unique and that your products are a representation of your business. Which is why we focus on custom made packaging tailored to your needs. Our research and development team strives to provide you with the latest and most innovative paper and plastic packaging products, reflective of current market trends and demands.

For your packaging supplies options contact us

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