Bakery Products

Bakery Products

The Bakery products we stock are of high quality and functionality.
The Silicone Paper Sheets are of premium quality and available in 3 sizes. These are 400mm x 600mm; 405mm x 710mm; 460mm x 710mm.
We also stock a new product which is a Bake-in tray.
The Bake in tray is made of poplar wood with a removable baking paper liner, which makes it ideal for bake ‘n’ take.
The black Cupcake boxes are a premium packaging option, along with the black Greaseproof paper.

Silicone Paper Sheets

bakery products





The Silicone Paper Sheets 500 sheets per pack.

710mm x 460mm $51.00 incl GST


Bake-in Tray





Bake in trays packed are available in lots of 12 or 300 trays per carton.

12 trays  $11.50 incl GST

168 trays $75.00 $37.50  50% off  incl GST


Black Greaseproof Sheets







Black Greaseproof will give your product a premium appearance.
60 sheets $20.00 incl GST
500 sheets $57.75   $28.90  50% off  incl GST


Black Cupcake Box






Black Cupcake Box comes matt coated on the inside, with gloss black on the exterior.
12 trays $8.80 incl GST
150 trays $60.50 $30.25  50% off  incl GST


Lunch Wrap Paper Sheets




30gsm paper
500mm L x 400mm W
3000 sheets per carton. $108.90  $54.45 50% off incl GST
500 sheet wrapped bundles $18.15 incl GST
400mm L x 300mm W
3000 sheets per carton. $66.00  $33.00 50% off incl GST
500 sheet wrapped bundles $11.00 incl GST


Greaseproof Paper Sheets




32gsm Greaseproof Paper
330mm L x 200mm W
1600 sheets @ $8.25 incl GST
400mm L x 330mm W
800 sheets @ $8.25 incl GST


CPP Crimp Seal Bag



250 bags @ $10.00 incl GS
2500 bags @ $65.00 $32.50 50% off incl GST
CPP Crimp Seal Bags (cellophane alternative). The clarity of the bag ensures great display of the contents.




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