Laminate Rewind

Laminate Rewind

We offer high quality Laminate Rewind ranging from single layer films to multilayer laminated film. Manufactured to suit customers in a wide range of industries.

Material available:

We produce, print and supply a variety of materials to suit every purpose. These include mono-layer, multilayer-laminated or co-extruded films, BOPP, Matte BOPP, PET, MATTE PET, VMPET, CPP, VMCPP, Retort CPP, Nylon, Aluminium Foil, Papers and LDPE, LLDPE, PP extrusion coatings, as well as PVdC and heat sealable coatings.

We also specialise in multilayer lidding materials including peelable liddings and lockseal lidding substrates to the customers requirements. Other specialties are for agricultural packaging products, shampoo, detergent, cosmetic, medicine, pesticide, pouches and profile shaped pouches with specialised sealing and closure methods. We deal with one of China’s the leading producers of seamed PETg and PVC shrink sleeves for beverage labelling. We manufacture and design a wide range of packaging products.

This is the machinery used in our Converting Facilities

Printing Machines

1 x 10 colors Gravure printer
5 x 9 colors Gravure printer
2 x 8 colors Gravure printer
1 x 4 colors Foil Gravure printer
1 x 8 colors Flexo printer
2 x Video Editing print inspection machines

Lamination Machines

3  x Solventless Laminating machine
5  x Solvent-based Laminating machine
1 x Tandem Extrusion Lamination machine

1x PE Co Extrusion (3 layer) machine
8 x Slitting machines
28 x Bag and Pouch making machines