Box Bottom Bags

Box Bottom Bags

We carry 3 types of Box Bottom Bags.
Tag Zip Box Bottom
Clear Gusset Box Bottom
Matt Box Bottom + Zip reclose

These bags have a high barrier exterior which excludes oxygen from the product inside, this prolongs the shelf life of the contents. These bags are suitable for muesli, grains, nuts etc.
The front and back panel makes for prime area to display your brand and giving your product point of sale premium packaging appeal.
Take advantage of the Clear Tag zip and Clear Side Gusset bags to display your product to the customer.

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Tag Zip

Available in 250g & 500g.
2 variations available.
Qty 250 bags.
250g $68.75 $34.40 

500g $82.50 $107.25 $41.25 – $53.65

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Clear Gusset

Available in 200g and 450g.
8 variations available.

450g Qty 250 bags.
$101.75 – $115.50  $50.90 – $57.75
200g Qty 500 bags $110.00 $55.00
200g Valved 350 bags $92.40 $46.20


Matte Box Bottom Pouch + Zip reclose

Available in 100g,200g, 500g & 1kg.
3 colours available.

100g is Tag Zip reclose
Qty 500 bags
200g, 500g & 1kg zip reclose
Qty 250 bags.
$57.75 – $82.50

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