Paper Bags

The Paper Bags we stock are Black printed Bags, Window Bags and Kraft carry bags. If you would like bags personalised for your brand, then do not hesitate to contact us as we are only to happy to help with design, artwork and manufacture.


250 bags per carton
Our Window Bags are available in various print and sizes.The paper is P.E. lined to prevent your baked product from spotting the paper.
With side gusset and generous BOPP (clearer than cellophane) windows, these bags make for excellent point of sale display.

Sourdough Loaf

Product code:Sourdough
250 bags per carton

Brown Kraft Paper Window Bag

Product code: DBWB01
500 bags per carton


500 bags per carton
The Die Cut Window bags are available in either 60 gsm Black printed White paper with 30um BOPP window or 50 gsm Unprinted Brown Kraft paper with 30um BOPP window. .The window material is high clarity polypropylene without perforations.

Baton Bag

Dimensions: 375mm L x 120mm W + 40mm Gusset
Die Cut Window: 256mm L x 77mm W

Product code: PWBBB (Black Bag)
$72.75 / 500 bags
Product code: PWBRBB (Brown Bag)
$67.16/ 500 bags

Loaf Bag

Dimensions: 445mm L x 180mm W + 60mm Gusset
Die Cut Window: 340mm L x 125mm W

Product code: PWBBL (Black Bag)
$95.14 / 500 bags
Product code: PWBRBL (Brown Bag)
$89.54 / 500bags

Round Loaf Bag

Dimensions: 350mm L x 230mm W + 60mm Gusset
Die Cut Window: 175mm L x 255mm W

Product code: PWBBR (Black Bag)
$89.54 / 500 bags
Product code: PWBRBR (Brown Bag)
$83.94 / 500 bags

Stick Loaf Bag

Dimensions: 625mm L x 120mm W + 70mm Gusset
Die Cut Window: 395mm L x 75mm W

Product code: PWBBS (Black Bag)
$95.14 / 500 bags
Product code: PWBRBS (Brown Bag)
$89.54 / 500 bags

Mid Loaf Bag

Dimensions: 340mm L x 180mm W + 60mm Gusset
Die Cut Window: 215mm L x 140mmW

Product code: PWBBM (Black Bag)
$72.75/ 500 bags

Product code:PWBRBM (Brown Bag)
$67.16/ 500 bags


Kraft and Black Printed Paper Bags come with and without centre window.
The high clarity of the window makes for clear and crisp display of your product against the black exterior of the bag.
Black bags give your product the premium appearance it deserves, while the Kraft bag gives your product a rustic look.

Black Block Bottom bags – 230x100x70

Product code: PT0009
150 bags per carton

Black Block Bottom bags – 230x130x70

Product code: PT0011
$19.80 200 bags per carton
$14.85 150 bags per carton

Printed Kraft Block Bottom Window Bag

Product code:PT0004
250 bags per carton

Printed Kraft Block Bottom Window Bag
+ Tin Tie

Product code:PT0005
250 bags per carton


200 bags per carton. The Brown Kraft Paper Carry Bags - recyclable, are very strong and sturdy. This type of bag is very on trend with retailers. Your brand label could very clearly be displayed on the front of the bag.

Kraft Carry Bag - Large

Product code: PBCL
$79.20 200 bags

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